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A Silk Moth Visits ‘My Home In Stevenson, Alabama’

"A Silk Moth Visits "My Home In Stevenson, Alabama"

“A Silk Moth Story” at “My Home In Stevenson, Alabama”

On Friday, July 27, 2007, we walked onto the Front Porch of "My Home In Stevenson, Alabama", in the late afternoon.
When….what to our wondering eyes appeared….
A Legendary Giant-Sized Wild Polyphemus Silk Moth!
It was resting underneath my chaize lounge, apparently camaflouged as a dried Maple Leaf!
My sister thought it was a dead leaf and told me not to disturb it. However, not satisfied with this explanation, I
knelt to examine it further, when four GIANT YELLOW MONSTER EYES stared back at me!
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